• Construx Software Builders Steve McConnell's site; many useful checklists and other items available here.
  • Brad Appleton's Software Process Links More than 100 links to process resources, models, tutorials, papers, and more.
  • Software Development is a monthly magazine that addresses the issues and needs of corporate developers. It includes articles and columns on contemporary development techniques, leading-edge technologies and tools, process and quality improvement, career development, project management, and more.
  • IEEE Software is a bimonthly refereed periodical that has increased its emphasis on practicality in recent years. Well-written papers and columns include experience reports, how-to pieces, research studies, survey results, and opinion essays.
  • The Rational Edge is a monthly online magazine published by IBM. Not just a house organ, it features a wide variety of articles and columns on various software development and management topics, as well as articles on the use of IBM Rational's tools and processes.
  • Better Software (formerly STQE, formerly Software Testing & Quality Engineering, formerly Software QA, formerly The Software QA Quarterly (pick a name, guys!) is an excellent periodical that addresses many current topics on software quality and testing. Its high-quality articles are complemented by a great visual design.


Quality Improvement

  • Clarrus Consulting Group Jim Brosseau, Principal of the Clarrus Consulting Group, offers a variety of high-quality process improvement consulting and training services.
  • Codefast offers highly sophisticated products that totally automate software builds and various other software development processes, on more than 20 platforms.
  • Stephen Page provides links to many sources of sample processes, procedures, and policies for a wide variety of business areas.
  • Methods and Tools Franco Martinig's on-line magazine provides free practical knowledge and information on all topics of application development and software engineering with some in-depth articles by various industry writers.
  • NASA's Software Engineering Laboratory The SEL has a variety of resources and guidebooks on process improvement, measurement, and software development; useful for high and low maturity organizations.
  • This is the web site for Tom and Kai Gilb. Tom has been one of the leading thinkers and authors in the software industry for decades. This site provides a wealth of free downloads and thought-provoking ideas and practices.
  • Software Engineering Institute The SEI provides information about various capability maturity models and many technical reports on a wide variety of software engineering and process improvement topics.
  • Software Productivity Center A process improvement consulting company in Vancouver, BC, SPC offers many good public seminars and useful process improvement products.
  • SR/Institute's Software Quality HotList Links to many web sites with software quality information; the first stop in technical development related to software testing and software quality issues.
  • The Software Quality Page Another list of links to software quality resources.
  • Brought to you by the publishers of Software Testing & Quality Engineering, is the online resource for building better software. It provides a wide variety of resources for all aspects of software quality improvement.